EUROGI - Voeux du président - Janv. 2018

logo eurogiDear Members of EUROGI,

Hereby I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

EUROGI has been rather active in 2017, being involved in Copernicus activities through a framework contract with the EC. Besides, we have created a task force aiming at further stimulating the work with Copernicus related activities.

We have had much emphasis on dialogue with our members, and we will continue this tradition next year by having our Members Meetings in Italy hosted by AMFM Italy in Salerno late April and by the Latvian GIS Association in Riga during Autumn 2018.

At our Members Meeting two weeks ago in Paris hosted by AFIGEO, we had a very successful event focusing on the use of GI in the Utility sector. Thank you to AFIGEO for a well organised meeting, and EUROGI will certainly put additional effort into this important topic next year.  I look forward to work together with all of you in the new year.

Finally, I will thank our secretariat and our Executive Committee for valuable contributions to the success of EUROGI during the passed year.

Best regards,

Prof. Henning Sten HANSEN, President of EUROGI

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